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Seriously, Sadie?

If ‘patience’ had a name, it would be Jazz Kenton. He’s waited five years for a certain wild-haired café owner to come to terms with his love, and his commitment to having a relationship with her.

But if ‘unpredictable’ had a name, it would be Sadie Boggs.

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Perfect for Patrick

Being the villain in your ex’s love story isn’t exactly where Carmen Lange thought she’d find herself at the age of thirty-two.

Enter Patrick McElhinney, head of security for Hollywood A-lister Magdalena Rowe.

As Carmen wonders if she can trust Patrick’s claims of interest, he slowly wears down her defenses.

But even as the couple begins a long-distance relationship, it becomes clear that their

pasts might get in the way of their future happiness.

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Kimberly M Miller

I started writing short stories in junior high school and quickly fell in love with the craft. I foolishly pursued athletic training as my major in college, but quickly realized it wasn’t for me, and returned to writing. I have since earned three degrees in the subject and teach numerous writing courses at the college level.

  • Name: Kimberly Miller
  • Favorite Drink: Coffee
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate
  • Pet: Yes, a cat
  • Favorite Movie You ask the impossible, there are so many and it depends on my mood.

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