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Her Best Bo

Bo Sutton might look every bit the six-foot-five bodyguard he is.

He's also a manny to celebrity couple, Robby and Daisy Grant.

Cooking, cleaning, and keeping the family rolling along is his dream job.

And he won’t let a thing come between him and his dreams, least of all Daisy’s dance teacher, Marilyn.

Her Best Bo is an opposites-attract follow-up to Picking Daisy and Pushing Robby featuring Daisy’s bodyguard Bo Sutton and her dance teacher, Marilyn Darby.

This book can be read as a standalone novel.

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Her Best Bo

Bo Sutton

6'5" | Bodyguard | Manny

The bodyguard turned ‘manny’ shares little of himself, his past, or his plans with his employers, rock and roll royalty, Robby and Daisy Grant. But why should he? Sacrificing a job he’s waited years to find would be ridiculous.

Marilyn Darby

Dancer | Flirt | Teacher

Marilyn Darby makes bad decisions. That’s what landed her in New York, working meaningless jobs as she strives toward dreams that insist on never coming true.

So when Marilyn Darby is hired to teach Daisy how to dance, the unflappable Bo is annoyed. The woman is sassy, frustrating, spontaneous, and loves to push his buttons. If only he didn’t fall for it so easily.

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