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Her Best Bo

Bo Sutton landed the perfect job, which also meant a perfect living situation, and a life plan that finally looked solid, if only he ignores that he’s spent the last few years lying to his family about what he does, where he is, and who he spends time with.

Details. Sometimes Bo hated details.

One thing he didn’t need was a relationship to screw it all up. He’d be an idiot to get mixed up with Marilyn Darby—all that chaos and spunk.

Her Best Bo is an opposites-attract follow-up to Picking Daisy and Pushing Robby featuring Daisy’s bodyguard Bo Sutton and her dance teacher, Marilyn Darby.

This book can be read as a standalone novel.

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About Her Best Bo


Bo Sutton might look every bit the six-foot-five bodyguard he is, but don’t let that fool you.

He’s also a ‘manny’ with a penchant for reading, taking care of babies and teenagers, and keeping the lives of his employers in complete working order. He loves his job and won’t do a thing to lose it.

Twinkle Toes:

Marilyn Darby came to New York with a plan— get a role in a Broadway production and start her own studio. But so far, all she’s got is a string of meaningless jobs and dreams that refuse to come true. Every day is a step closer to admitting defeat and going home to her parents, and a college education she doesn’t want.

When Marilyn and Bo meet as employees of songwriter Daisy Grant, the sparks are undeniable—but so are the problems. Neither sees the other for who they really are, until one fateful night when the bodyguard can’t stop himself from showing compassion to the down and out dancer.

The couple is left with a choice- Bo can help Marilyn rehearse for a new role that will let her get on with her life, and away from Bo, or face the consequences of doing the most ridiculous thing possible—falling in love and risking their careers in the process.

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