Winning Casey

Casey Maxwell is tired of waiting. Waiting to heal, waiting to become a detective, waiting for love.

Scratch that last one. She’s done with love and finally accepted her role as man’s best friend (Take that, puppies!)

So, when Casey unexpectedly meets Devlin Pink (yes, THAT Devlin Pink), she’s quick to assume the role of his number one buddy.

But friendship with NHL’s most eligible bachelor isn’t what Casey expected. Just because Devlin’s used to dating swimsuit models for three months—tops—doesn’t mean he couldn’t be interested in a small-town cop with a bum leg and penchant for pranks.

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About Winning Casey

Devlin Pink:

I’m good at three things—hockey, short relationships, and making people laugh. Outside of that, I got nothing.

So when everyone’s pushing on me to think about my future, and right after I’ve lost the Stanley Cup playoffs, I’m not biting.

I run to the only place that’s safe—Pap’s cabin.

I’ll clear my head and deal with everyone, and my future, later.

The trouble is I didn’t think I’d find the woman of my dreams, one I didn’t even know I was looking for—sleeping right on my couch. Casey Maxwell is funny, intriguing, and mysterious.

So, why can’t I commit to the perfect woman?

Thank goodness for my meddling mom, a couple good pranks, two sweet puppies, and one undone bun. Maybe I will find love after all.

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