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Picking Daisy

Daisy Parker isn’t the woman that rock star Robby Grant would have imagined himself falling for. She’s soft-spoken, sweet, and lives by a strange code the struggling musician is recognizing as Biblical.

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About Picking Daisy

Even if Daisy is hard-pressed to believe that a man like Robby would see her—a woman long forgotten by the rest of the world—as anything more than a step back to his career. But Robby challenges Daisy in ways she’d long avoided.

With their mutual love of music, it seems nothing can separate them—not Daisy’s wheelchair or Robby’s ego.

As Robby grows into the man he’s long dreamed of being, Daisy dares to trust again. But will this sweet melody last?

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A Reader's Comment

The novel shows the redemptive and healing qualities of faith. Even in the face of betrayal and broken trust, music weaves the healing message of solid Christian values. Daisy is not impressed by Robby's fame, and he treats her as though she is now bound to her wheelchair. A good story develops the motivations and fears of the characters. Ms. Miller takes us inside these characters and we live the story through them. This is a book well worth the reader's time. From American Beat via Amazon

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Some of the tunes that I listened to while writing the book and made cameo appearences in the book.

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I hope you enjoyed reading the book and that your discussions together will be fruitful as you dig into the deeper themes and ideas the book raises. You don't need an actual club to go deeper, you can use the questions on your own as you explore the themes as they apply in your life.


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