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Lucy In Love

Things are finally looking up for Lucy Leti. Her bakery is doing well, her friends are amazing, and her family is supportive. She’s even so close to being past the heartbreak of her broken engagement that she can taste it.

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About Lucy In Love

But what’s missing is trust and love. And until her old friend Henry Lee comes back into her life after a ten year absence, Lucy is convinced she’ll never find either one.

Henry is handsome, successful, and has been secretly in love with Lucy for years. But the musician isn’t the same man Lucy knew in high school—he’s lost weight and gained confidence. And in no time at all, he’s in love with Lucy all over again.

And she could be in love with him too.

But when the couple’s first date goes terribly wrong, they’ll both need a little perspective to see things clearly.

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A Reader's Comment

This is another great read from Kimberly Miller. It's a light, fun story about two friends from high school who found themselves owning businesses right beside each other and renew their friendship. What happens after that - well, you just need to read it. It is a fun novella. When you read and love it - and you will - be sure to read her other novels. Can't wait for the next one. From J Garrett via Amazon

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Some of the tunes that I listened to while writing the book and made cameo appearences in the book.

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I hope you enjoyed reading the book and that your discussions together will be fruitful as you dig into the deeper themes and ideas the book raises. You don't need an actual club to go deeper, you can use the questions on your own as you explore the themes as they apply in your life.


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