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Playing Her Part

First loves Francesco Russo and Maggie Rowe were once inseparable.

To all the world, it seemed unbelievable they’d break up, go their separate ways,

and not see each other for nearly ten years.

In the movies, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and eventually gets girl back. But real life isn’t
always so simple. With a few twists of fate,

Frankie and Maggie find themselves in the same small town again for a shocking reunion.

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About Playing Her Part


Rare were the moments when she could simply be a person- Maggie-and not a thing-an object, a memento, merchandise, a star who made money, or simply entertained others.Francesco only knew her as herself. He'd never be a man entranced by the trappings of Hollywood. What mattered to him would always be family and authentic, true love. Only now did Maggie realize she missed him so desperately.


"Oh, but Miss Margaret..." He kept his voice calm, even. "We dated for three years, principessa. You must try harder to fool me because this..."he waved his hand in front of her. "...pathetic disquise would never be enough when you fail to cover my favorite mole."

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